Youth Ministry

We have monthly Youth Group activities and fellowships, often involving community service projects, picnics, and cooking competitions! Youth Fellowships usually fall on the third Saturday of each month.

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2017 Youth Ministry Summer Missions

Dear youth and parents -- please see a list of short term mission opportunities for this coming summer with application deadlines given:

Summer '17 Short Term Missions
Christian Youth in Action - CYiA: (for Christians)
Christian Youth in Action is a great opportunity for students 8th to 12th grades (must be at least 14 years old) to gain training and experience in sharing and living out their faith. A two-week intensive training (2 pre-training Saturdays, one week away at camp June 17-23 and one week in Havertown June 26-30) and a 3-4 week commitment to CEF for the summer. Application forms are available from Deacon John. The application is due by March 24.

Flood Philly: (for Christians)
Flood Philly is a junior version of CYiA. It is for students 6th to 12th grades. This training and experience is similar to CYiA, but not as intense. This program will occur June 22 to 30. Application forms are available from Deacon John. The application is due by April 30.
WCCEC VBS: (for all students)
Children's Ministry Vacation Bible School is July 31 - August 4. This is a great opportunity for students to get involved at WCCEC Children Ministry and help with logistics, small groups, games, etc. Signups (with Anita) for this VBS will be open until July.

Project Brotherly Love (PBL): (for Christians and Non-Christians)
PBL is an inner city short term mission. Students 8th to 12th grades are invited to be part of this entry level STM August 6-11. Students will be away with a host family/church. Students will have the opportunity to do everything from sharing their faith, painting churches, to helping the disable and homeless. They will also team up with other students from several churches as they share the love of Christ in the city of Philadelphia. Applications are available online and spots are limited. Currently available spots might have already been filled, but we encourage adults to sign up (with Bob) for counselor slots.

Mexico Short Term Mission: (for Christians only)
This is your opportunity to join with a team of adults and students to both influence others for Christ and to have your life impacted in miraculous ways. It is our hope that if you join the team; this year's mission will be one of the most significant weeks of your life.
  • Depart: Thursday, July 20th from Philadelphia
  • Return: Saturday, July 29th 1st from San Diego
  • Cost: $1,100 per person - $100 deposit and $1,000 goal in fundraising and support
  • Cost includes everything except individual souvenirs, passports, stamps, notary, and immunizations. The first payment of $100 is due with registration.
  • Sponsoring Ministry: Azusa Pacific University -
  • Destination: Ensenada, Mexico
  • For more information please click on this link: 2017 Summer 2 - Mission Trip
  • Mexico STM Video: "Mexico 2016"
This STM is limited to those who both complete the application and who are approved to attend based on the standards set and Pastoral approval. We are limiting the number of participants with the understanding that this experience is not a normal retreat or VBS type event. This mission is an opportunity for followers of Christ, called by God to minister to the people of Mexico, to give of themselves and minister in ways they may never have before. It is not for everyone. Our request is that you pray about this, seek God's leading, and talk with your parents. Then should you ask for an application form from Deacon John and return it to Pastor Peter no later than Sunday April 30. Also parents are encouraged to go as counselors.
If you have any questions concerning any of the STM listed above, please contact Pastor Peter or Deacon John.

College Ministry

Our college ministry meets at church on Friday nights from 8:00 − 9:30 PM.

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English Adult Ministry

Our English Young Professionals Fellowship meets every other Saturday from 7:30 − 9:00 PM at various host families' homes.

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